On Trump

Donald Trump. The man is a phenomenon. He has toyed with the idea of running for president for years, but almost no one took him seriously. He was always the real estate mogul, the Apprentice boss, and America’s billionaire. Now he truly is running for President of the United States. Not only that–he is on … More On Trump

Recession & Recovery: How America Bounced Back

September 15, 2008. I remember waking up to see the news of the beginning of what would become the worst financial crash in decades. Lehman Brothers investment bank filed for bankruptcy (1). This news would set off a downward spiral of the financial markets. Banks were going belly side up. Investors were losing thousands of … More Recession & Recovery: How America Bounced Back

Obamacare: Separating Fact from Fear

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have had to spend large percentages of their income on essential goods and services. Essential food takes thousands out of one’s income. Rent or a mortgage takes even more. Education has become only more expensive over the decades. Health care costs have skyrocketed over time to levels far more than our … More Obamacare: Separating Fact from Fear

Higher Ed, Higher Cost: Solving the Education Crisis

America’s economy is changing rapidly. The sectors that require higher education are fluctuating as new markets arise and new technologies are developed. As our jobs become more service based, our workers require certain intellectual and technical skills. Due to this need, a college degree is becoming almost an absolute necessity in our society. Without it, you … More Higher Ed, Higher Cost: Solving the Education Crisis