Dying with Dignity

Death is almost inherently scary for all humans. We are all alive and cannot possibly imagine what it would feel like not to be alive. Even saying that does not make much sense as there is no feeling after death–excluding spiritual teachings about an afterlife. Not existing in this material world is incomprehensible to us. … More Dying with Dignity

On Trump

Donald Trump. The man is a phenomenon. He has toyed with the idea of running for president for years, but almost no one took him seriously. He was always the real estate mogul, the Apprentice boss, and America’s billionaire. Now he truly is running for President of the United States. Not only that–he is on … More On Trump

Obamacare: Separating Fact from Fear

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have had to spend large percentages of their income on essential goods and services. Essential food takes thousands out of one’s income. Rent or a mortgage takes even more. Education has become only more expensive over the decades. Health care costs have skyrocketed over time to levels far more than our … More Obamacare: Separating Fact from Fear

“I’m offended!”: America’s Struggle with Political Correctness

“I’m offended.” “You’ve hurt my feelings.” vs. “America is a nation of cry babies.” “Everyone is too politically correct.” These phrases are familiar to all of us in America in modern times. We seem to be fighting a war over what should be the limit of respecting other people’s feelings. There are many facets to this … More “I’m offended!”: America’s Struggle with Political Correctness