My personal passions intersect in this moment. I live and breathe both politics and personal finance; I even studied politics and economics formally. I often remind people that we should all care about politics because we have to care about politics. That’s because politics affects our daily lives from our water to our roads to our … More FREE MONEY! Now What?

The Boom Goes Bust: Coming Soon?

“It’s morning in America.” -President Ronald Reagan Things are looking up for Americans. Overall the domestic economy is in solid shape. Gross domestic product is steady. Jobs are growing with population growth. Unemployment and inflation are holding steadily low.  The stock market seems to hit a new record every quarter. Consumer confidence is high. Sounds … More The Boom Goes Bust: Coming Soon?

Saving Obamacare

Obamacare may be changed in the near future, but not by the party that drafted it. Congressional Republicans currently seek to alter the Affordable Care Act (ACA)–otherwise known as Obamacare–by passing into law the American Health Care Act (AHCA)–coined by some as Republicare, Trumpcare, or Ryancare. While Republicare v. Obamacare compared those two bills against … More Saving Obamacare

Republicare v. Obamacare

March 23rd, 2010. Almost seven years ago health care within the United States was dramatically reformed. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)—otherwise known as Obamacare—became the law of the land. Democrats loved the chance to reform health care and largely loved the changes. Republicans—at least congressional members—detested the law deeming it socialism and … More Republicare v. Obamacare

Dying with Dignity

Death is almost inherently scary for all humans. We are all alive and cannot possibly imagine what it would feel like not to be alive. Even saying that does not make much sense as there is no feeling after death–excluding spiritual teachings about an afterlife. Not existing in this material world is incomprehensible to us. … More Dying with Dignity

Clinton v. Trump: Demographics Shifting?

In recent years, many pundits have argued that shifting demographics are giving Democrats an Electoral College and popular vote advantage. The electorate is gradually becoming less white and more educated. Since nonwhite voters and college-educated voters tend to vote Democratic, this seems like a reason to celebrate within the Democratic Party. At the same time, … More Clinton v. Trump: Demographics Shifting?